REVIEW Catching Caden-Samantha Christy

This beautiful story begins in unusual and painfuul way when a baseball  ball strikes Murphy in the face.

She is a model at the beginning of her career,and the scars that she will remain is somenthing that will reverse her modeling career.

Caden is baseball star who has everything,dream job,fame,money,power.He lives a dream life.But his life will change  that baseball ball that affects a Murphy.He feels responsible for her injury and he will do everything to help her.But unexpected and unplanne thing happen when Caden saw Murphy.He meets a girl who teachs him that trust,honestly and love are the essential things in life.


The story is beautifully written,it is full of sincere feelings,and their story is somenthing that will warm everyones heart.

This book deserves  5 stars. 51T45wlURaL