Review Everything he wants -Jenna Fox

cover142274-mediumI received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

(Everything He Wants #1)


Jenna Fox (Goodreads Author)
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Me. He’d chosen me.

Not a rich girl.

Or a pretty girl.

But me…

A girl with a bleak future.

A girl with a tragic past.

Sloane Rothchild, New York City’s most eligible billionaire bachelor, could’ve picked a beautiful and educated girl to be his new assistant. But he wanted me. And all I had to do was show him I could obey.

Be a good girl.

Be his dirty girl.

But if I didn’t obey…

I’d get the whip.



Oh, why did the dirty and forbidden things he wanted to do to me send tingles through all the right places?

So, I fell hard and fast for him.

I bared my body to him.

My heart.

My soul.

But there was another irresistible side of Mr. Rothchild—a side he didn’t warn me about.

A side I had to find out about on my own…

His other half. His dark and mysterious twin, Cain.

Cain was like me—scarred and damaged. We immediately connected. He understood my needs. But after all, shouldn’t my heart belong to the man who’d given me the opportunity of a lifetime?

Each brother had taken a piece of me, but only one truly owned me. And only one man had swept me up in a current of lust and need…

Only one had tangled me in his web of lies and deceit.

Nobody told me there would be danger.

Nobody told me I would fear for my life. (less)


 I would die without his touch.
Jenna Fox is a new author for me and this book reminded me of the many others I read.The story is similar-she is a ordinary girl whose life changes when she meets a rich person who has a specific lifestyle. They sign an exclusive contract and their adventures begin.His life is full of family secrets and she is his support,business partner and object of his desire.
Sloane Rothchild-alpha male billioner
Cain Rothchild-psychotic and dangerous twin brother
Blurb of book was very interesting but reading this book was very dificult.  I just feel that something missing  in the whole story.
I am sorry but I think  this book deserve 3 ,5 star.


Title: Everything I Never Wanted
Author: K. Street
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2018

A single dad, contemporary romance standalone.

This wasn’t supposed to be my life.

One phone call was all it took to bring me back to the small town I had grown up in. Everything had changed, and staying away was no longer an option.

Four and a half years later, I was a widowed single father still here, still trying to pick up the pieces. We were doing just fine on our own, my little girl and me.

At least, we were until Camryn Parker stumbled into our lives. The woman was like a tornado after a hurricane; she was the storm I never saw approaching. Behind her beauty and sarcastic wit, she was just as broken as I pretended not to be. As hard as I tried to resist, it was impossible not to fall in love with her.

In the end, it took nearly losing it all for me to realize everything I never wanted was exactly what I needed.

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Фотографија корисника Kylie McDermott


K. Street has been making up stories since she was old enough to talk and began writing at the tender age of eleven. She resides in central Florida with her husband and daughter. Her affinity for coffee, sweet red wine, dark chocolate and hockey runs deep. When K isn’t working or writing she enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family and cheering on her beloved Chicago Blackhawks.



Фотографија корисника Kylie McDermott


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Book review GUARDED DESIRE-Christi Snow

cover141975-mediumI received this book from Net Galley in exchenge for my honest opinion.


Kidnapped and terrorized, I refuse to let anyone break me. I can stand on my own, no matter what it costs…even if that cost is my life.

I was living the life of an ordinary college coed, but that existence was blown wide open when I was kidnapped while visiting my very famous mother, rock-star, ViviAnna.

Now I’m back at college, pretending life is normal while dodging paparazzi and dealing with my face showing up regularly on the nightly news. Trying to find a new balance isn’t happening and the effort to not jump at every shadow or bump in the night is messing with my head more than I ever expected.

I’m a highly trained bodyguard, but that doesn’t mean I want to deal with some spoiled pop princess’s daughter, especially if she’s anything like her handsy mother.

But when I met Elle, she shocked the hell out of me. She’s nice and thoughtful with an incredible inner strength. Even more surprising…she doesn’t want me anywhere near her. But every once in a while I see a flash of fear and vulnerability that make all my protective instincts flare.


Christi Snow is a new  author for me and I can say that I am very pleasantly supprised. I will definitely read other parts of this series because they are written with lots od dynamics and you dont want to drop the book out of your hands.

It all starts when very famous rock star hires a elite bodyguard to protect her kidnapped  and traumatized dauhter.He expected to meet a spoiled girl but he was suprised when he meet Eli,very normal girl who wants to finish college and do her dream job.Eli is a very confidential girl but Jonah will do everything to make her safe.

This book is very well written,I love chemistry between main caracters and I recommended to everyone because I know they will enjoy it .This book deserves 5 stars.


Christi Snow




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December 2007


As an avid reader her entire life, Christi Snow always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy she felt when she read. But…she never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes.

When her husband retired from the Air Force, Christi decided it was time to chase her dream and she started writing. She hasn’t stopped since. With twenty-two published books in various romance genres, she’s found her passion. Now she spends her days with her laptop writing about sexy, alpha heroes and the loves of their lives.

Writing both as Christi Snow and one-half of the writing duo, KB Jacobs, Christi has fulfilled her dream… filling the world with more romance and suspense.

Her tagline is… Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. She loves this adventure and has truly found her tribe!

Note: I also have a book review blog…Smitten with Reading ( ) and most of my book reviews are also posted there.

Paperback, 274 pages
Expected publication: June 21st 2018
1718920679 (ISBN13: 9781718920675)
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Book review STRONG HOLD-Sarah Castille

cover130868-mediumI received this book from Net Galley and Sourcebooks Casablanca  in exchange for my honest opinion.

I will try to be objective because I really love this series from Sarah Castille and I am very glad that I got it as ARC. MMA is part of my life and I am very glad that other people enjoy this sport just like me. Female fighters are very interesting and attractive in this sport and thats why this book was a real pleasure for me.

Shayla is a girl who dreamed of becoming a ballerina.Her greatest love is ballet and Zack.Their love and connection are very special,they have plans for furure together.But everything changes when Zack leave Shayla and move on to another state. He became a very popular and famouse MMA star.But he always missed something-his love Shayla.

Shayla became a very perspective ballerina.She was married to someone who supposeed  to be charming and lovely .But he was a coward who phisycally hurt Shayla.She began to train in famous MMA center and began to fight in octagon.

Zack is fight promoter now and he wants to find next MMA star.He didnt expect to find Shayla as a top ranking female star .He become her mentor and coach and their professional relationship turn into somenthing more than that.

This book deserve 5 star, I recommended to everyone because I am sure they will enjoy it like me.

Once again-thank you very much Net Galley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for opportunity to read this amazing book .


Sarah Castille




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August 2012


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. A recovering lawyer and caffeine addict, she worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies.

Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: July 3rd 2018 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
1492620475 (ISBN13: 9781492620471)
For the longest moment Zack’s brain couldn’t process the sight in front of him.
Seven years, ten months and twenty-seven days. That was how long it had been since he’d seen her. That was how long it had been since he’d lived a life without regret.
Fight promoter Zack Grayson is on the prowl for a rising star. As the top recruiter of a prestigious MMA promotion company, he wants to take someone where he was never able to go: the top of the professional league. He didn’t expect that someone to be the woman he loved…and left.

Top-ranked MMA amateur fighter Shayla “Shilla the Killa” Tyler built walls around her heart when Zack left her seven years ago–and again when her husband turned violent. Now, seeing Zack is nearly enough to send those walls crumbling. But she can’t risk the exposure of the limelight, and she definitely can’t risk another heartbreak.

As Shayla and Zack grow closer, though, business turns personal. And once their passion unleashes, there’s no going back..

Redemption Series: 
Against the Ropes (Book 1)
In Your Corner (Book 2)
Full Contact (Book 3)
Fighting Attraction (Book 4)
Strong Hold (Book 5)