What a book ! I like this series but this book is something special.Intensive,tense and imperfectly perfect .

Rich and Gracie are two survivers,two broken souls who are truing to continue their lives after tragic and traumatic attacks.Their life is heavy,filled with pain and sorrow.Rich is alcoholic and Gracie is panic disorder.But,they will find a stregnt to make they life better .

This book deserves 5 stars and I recommend it to everyone.Especialy to those who loves books of MC clubs.37751469

Debra Kayn (Goodreads Author)
 4.49  ·   Rating details ·  128 Ratings  ·  15 Reviews
Missing for twenty-five years.

Wayne, Thad, Glen, Chuck…they are his life.

Notus Motorcycle Club.

Thalia’s murder.

His decision to leave twenty-five years ago still stands.

Nothing Rich Carter says will get through to the men who are closer than brothers to him after finding himself back in St. John’s.

They hold on to allegiance until death. The only thing he can do to push them away is show them proof they need to let go.

The truth will set her free.

As far as her twin sister or anyone believes, Gracie Nelson has pulled her life together after being abducted, terrorized, and surviving a serial killer four years ago. But, when she’s alone, she fails to remain strong. The most unexplainable things scare her. A scent in the air. A sound. A voice on the television. Notus Motorcycle Club not only saved her, they’ve continued to surround and protect her. They’ve given her a safe place between home and Vavoom’s Bar.

When the club members ask her to watch over Rich and find out why he left after Thalia’s murder, she agrees.

Over time, she discovers Rich is more like her than she realizes. Whether it’s love or their shared reality, she finds it impossible to let him leave. Again.


Kindle Edition, 233 pages
Published January 6th 2018

REVIEW Catching Caden-Samantha Christy

This beautiful story begins in unusual and painfuul way when a baseball  ball strikes Murphy in the face.

She is a model at the beginning of her career,and the scars that she will remain is somenthing that will reverse her modeling career.

Caden is baseball star who has everything,dream job,fame,money,power.He lives a dream life.But his life will change  that baseball ball that affects a Murphy.He feels responsible for her injury and he will do everything to help her.But unexpected and unplanne thing happen when Caden saw Murphy.He meets a girl who teachs him that trust,honestly and love are the essential things in life.


The story is beautifully written,it is full of sincere feelings,and their story is somenthing that will warm everyones heart.

This book deserves  5 stars. 51T45wlURaL


REVIEW The Cabin-Alison Ward

This is a new author for me and I can say that I am pleasantly suprised.

This is the story of two broken people who are trying to live without demons .This story is full of pain,suffering and anger,but also is full of honest feelings.

Grey is IT expert who left big city after tragic events where he lost his wife and child.He goes to mountains to find his peace.He lives life long life until  his peace is broken by beautifull Goddess Zoe.

Zoe is an up and coming author who tries to bring her tragic life on the right track.

The mountain storm brings them to the same place when Grey becomes her salvation and Zoe becomes his hope for the future.

The strory is very interesting, it has some kind og chemistry and we recommend evryone to read it.



This was the most anticipated book on our page and group and it was worth every words.Book is great and Monica never disappointed.

Damian Montero was born as a victim.Victim of his parents and victim of circumstances.He was rised by father who was a military man.No emotions,no closeness was his moto.Montero was diferent.He has a feelings.But he became a monster when he killed a innocente family.Amira was only nine when she lost her family.She was Monteros sin that he took on  himself.She reminded him of what kind of man he become.She was his sin,his darkness and his light.She was everything.

I really enjoed reading this book.Its raw,its playing with your  feelings but you cant stop reading it.I recommmended to everyone who likes emotional and dark and raw books,and I cant wait January-when a second part of this book comes out.

Dear Everly, _ a romance novel by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman & Karolyn James




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This is the most emotional and most beautifull book I ve read this year,and this book deserve best estimate.

Jake is a single father of a adorable litlle girl Sadie,she is his whole universe.She is the main reason not to fall to depression after losing Everly,his greatest love.His life is painfull and he is lost.Jake is a mess.

Emily is a girl who needs a fresh start.After a losing her grandmother she moves in the same street where Jake and Sadie lived.She feels current love for adorable and a cute girl.And this love is mutual.

The main problem is Jake.He doesnt want to be friendly with Emily.He is rude and unpleasant.He will do everything to throw Emily from his head and his mind.But Emily has beautifull hart and soul.He will not be able to resest her.Her love is a pure and sincere.

This book is amazing.So full of emotions,happy tears,sad tears.Ups and downs,emotionals breakdowns.So full of uncodintional love.I recomend to everyone who likes real human stories.

This amazing book deserves  5 stars.


London Casey (Goodreads Author),
Jaxson Kidman (Goodreads Author)
 4.27  ·   Rating details ·  1,153 Ratings  ·  241 Reviews
Dear Everly,

We promised each other forever, and now that’s gone. My memory of you is our daughter. I said I would never move on, but something happened. Someone moved into the house next door. She works at our daughter’s preschool. Everywhere I go, she’s there. My forever is changing now… I’m falling in love with her. Loving her means forgetting you. Loving her means letting you go. Loving her… means everything to me.

I love you endlessly,


Kindle Edition, 373 pages
Published October 31st 2017
Edition Language
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Dear Everly, _ a romance novel by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman & Karolyn James



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